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  1. When I review my Q I report monthly, I notice that when a psychotropic medication is used and I do have a diagnosis (ICD code) that is on the MDS, why does the indicator report show that there isn't a diagnosis to support the use of a psychotropic medication. Naturally the diagnosis's vary because q one is unique. But mainly the diagnosis that the MD's give me are related to psychosis, dementia w/behavior, paranoia. Can anyone tell me what are the correct diagnosis or better yet ICD #'s. Now I realize that q one is different, I am not looking for a diagnosis to fit all, but a listing of ICD codes would be helpful...Thanks tex
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  3. by   Talino
    Don't misinterpret this QI as a red flag to your facility.

    Psychotropic drug usage in LTCFs are not necessarily used for psychotic disorders (e.g., Schizo 295.00 - 295.9, Paranoid states 297.00 - 297.9, Nonorganic psychoses 298.0 - 298.9, Tourette's 307.23, Huntington's 333.4).

    If you use Haldol/Risperdal mainly for residents w/ Dementia and Behavior disturbance (312.9) and/or Delusions (290.42) your QI will always indicate a high prevalence because these diagnoses are not of psychotic origin.

    If there is however a psychiatric illness, it should be reflected in Section AB#9 on initial admission or an ICD9 of psychotic origin entered in Section I#3.

    A facility w/ long-term psych population will have a low psychotrophic drug use indicator.

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    not in LTC at moment....forgot about that monster of a ??? that you bring up.........
    the reg's they are a stickler for that dx aren't they....
    get clarification with dr......if it doesn't automatically pop up.........dr. can specifically clarify this med for this dx....
    but you knew that, Tex.........
    keep it in the short grass
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    Thanks for the responses Keep them coming Hey how about those MDS ?'s, I am ready for MDS 003 Thanks tex