Patient Confidentiality

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    I ahve some basic guidelines for my staff, and I have taken them basically from our Resident Rights handout. It is NEVER appropriate to discuss a patient in any public space. The conversation needs to be taken to any quiet room, I use my office, an empty patient room, the conference room. I expect my nurses to speak to the doctors, but we use the phone in my office or the conference room.
    Many of my residents have dementia and would probably not understand what is being said, but I also do not want someone else to hear it and then stories fly.
    If by chance I overhear a conversation that I feel needs to be private, my cue to the staff is "Is that somethinng we should discuss here or in private?" We discussed this as a nonthreatening way to remind staff. I am pleased to say that the staff has gotten much better.
    One of the examples I use is to use the staff person in place of the resident. Asking the staff would you want me to talk about your private issues here? It has helped. I hope this helps you. NA
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  3. by   dcray
    I am just wondering if anyone can give me some guidance or tips in reference to confidentiality and how to reference this in a discussion I need to give about this topic. I am looking for items as to where it is appropriate to discuss patient information and where not appropriate, that kind of thing. The basic ethical premise, in my understanding, is to not discuss patient information anywhere but with approciate care providers. How much do you tell the family? When is it appropriate to discuss with patient and when with family? I would be most appreciative of any and all comments. =^..^=