Pass meds & chart!!! Well, when i get a chance i will!!! - page 2

How can I possibly pass ALL my meds( X2) and chart on every person thats on isolation, abt, falls, new admits, readmits, behavior, medicare, medicaid. And inbetween all of that I have to Follow up... Read More

  1. by   Tori11
    When will something be done about this? I wanted to try a different area of nursing and ltc is not it. After 18hrs of work I have decided to leave. There are too many things for 1 nurse to do. I was already outdone with the endless laundry list of tasks. When I realized I would have to also chart on all 30 of those patients daily with no flow sheet......No wonder I didn t get a schedule, this happens all the time. I feel your pain and kudos to you for doing your best.