Nursing Home Job?

  1. I am an LVN/LPN and I am thinking of applying to a local nursing home for the 11am-7pm shift. I'm not really sure if it's the job I want but I need a night job so I will still be able to work full time while taking the RN Program. Could someone please tell me what type of things I'll be doing on the night shift. I have absolutely no experience in LTC. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   JetLPN
    Medication for pain freq, I check all residents q 1 to 1/2 hours for safety, myself. Treatments and drsg changes as needed, charting , calling DR to ship some res for illness or get DR orders for medication , like ATB for possible fever>if your lucky youll have two nurse aides like I do in a 45 bed home mostly all total care, turning and repositioning q 2 hrs and BRP offered as well, orientation will be a night or two if your lucky , and remember it all falls on you take a personal interest in your residents, pay attention to the non DNR esp.
  4. by   sixes
    When I work night shift I am the supervisor. I have 3 floors. 157 residents. One RPN and 5 PSW's.
    I do all assessments. All charting. The RPN is on level 3 so she manages most of that floor.
    Our pier one is an alzehmeirs ward so I spend much of my sime there.
    Also G-Feeds, PRN meds, Vitals,ETC.
    It is usually very busy and I'm lucky to get 1/2h break during the night.
    I love it. Believe me there is never a dull moment and if there is it's spooky.
    You will probably have the entire floor/building in your hands and each one of the residents will count on you to ensure there being well cared for and safe. Good Luck
    Personally I LOVE it.
  5. by   renerian
    DANG 157 residents! renerian