No Overtime!!

  1. NO OVERTIME!! I have a concern about this. our DON has told us we can not work any overtime, that we have to get our work done before our shift ends or pass it on to the next shift. WE have so much work to do, it's vurtually impossible to get it done in 8hr. If we pass it along, it becomes a trickle down. I also wonder about the legal ramifications, eg p.o. orders, MD calls updates and followups not to mention the charting daily and weekly summaries that don't get done. It's always the $$$$, OVER HOURS and budget that the management is concerned about. OUR DON doesn't stick up for us either. We are so short staffed, the nurses do CNA cares esp PM'S, toilet people, pass meal trays and feed +++++. Does anyone have a simular problem, what should we do???
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  3. by   nma24
    I have a similar situation regarding overtime. only in this situation some nurses at our facility make their own overtime, by not doing their job through out the whole shift. For example, there is one nurse on 1st shift who i get report from. She works 7-3, and has a med tech for the whole shift. yet she consistently stays until 7pm everynight she's on. they do not pay her all of those hours. she's allowed to get paid overtime until 5pm. then she has to punch out, and finish her work unpaid. In my opinion, she doesn't deserve to get paid the extra time. If she would do what she had to do through out the shift, she would get done at a decent time.
    She calls the doctors on the littlest things. "so and so has the sniffles". Is the only nurse to get 10 orders on her shift, most of which are nonsense orders. Our supervisors don't know what else to do with her. She is on 2nd shift's time for half of our shift. She's in our way, and always has about 20 charts laying around everywhere. Everyne says the same thing. "there's no reason for her to be staying this late. " She makes more work for herself. For example, the 2nd shift supervisor helped her with all of her orders the other days. Charted on all of them, wrote the changes in the med book, etc. This nurse still stayed until 7pm. Doing what, we don't know. Nobody knows. That is y they give some nurses a hard time about overtime in our facility. If its legit, yeah, you're more than welcome to get paid for finishing up your work. But in situations like this, u don't deserve to get paid overtime if u don't do your work on your original shift to begin with.

    Sorry, this might not be what u were asking about, but i have to go to work in a few minutes and get report from the nurse that stays forever, and i'm dreading it already.