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    So I work on call in a long term care facility. I've chosen only to work in the evenings until I can become more confident to work in the mornings. I have one night shift booked at the end of the year, but I havent had any orientation for nights yet. If I'm working the night shift, I will be looking after 2 units, one of which I havent been oriented to for any shift. I've asked that I be oriented to nights, but does that mean that I will have to be oriented mornings and evenings on the unit I havent been oriented to?
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  3. by   BBP42
    My first LTC care job as a new grad involved two very different units, I oriented about a month on days on the rehab unit, briefly (maybe 4 days) on the locked memory care unit on days, then did about a week on each unit on my assigned shift. There was just way more experienced staff available to orient me on days, once I had the hang of that it was just a matter of learning the routine for the other two shifts, which didn't take long at all. This would be different from facility to facility, and the best person to ask about your facility's normal arrangement is probably your DON. Good luck in your new shift!
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    Thanks! I've just been scared to ask today because I was afraid that I would have to be oriented to days and evenings on this unit, which happens to be the biggest unit in the facility (34 residents per nurse). Also, it's busy, lots of dressings to be done and apparently people get reported for the littlest things! The other unit i work on, we only have 24 residents per lpn
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    Staffing called me and it turns out that i dont have to work days or evenings on the big unit after all!