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Hi everyone! I am a new RN in an LTC Facility. I will start my orientation in 2 weeks. I will be oriented during the days, then will be oriented at night. My question is... How did you manage being... Read More

  1. by   nursemike
    Several of the nurses I work with have advised me that night shift is a good place to start out, because it isn't usually hectic and the other staff have more time to explain things to you. Also, I've noticed myself, there seems to be a comaraderie among the night crew that isn't as prevalent in the day. A lot of our night shift have a pretty set schedule, too, and I'll be doing weekends, to boot, so I expect to see mostly the same people (fortunately, these are people I like!).

    Good luck.
  2. by   Tweety
    Good luck working nights. I remember when I we all worked 8 hours shifts, most of the people I worked with were napping right before work, but had different patterns during the day. That last minute nap really helped if you didn't sleep during the day.

    Don't be surprised if for the first few days or weeks you don't sleep well. I found no matter how exhausted I was I still didn't sleep well at first.

    You'll find what works for you. For the last 20 years I've worked nights or evenings and am about to go to day shift in April. Now I have to figure out how you guys get up at 5AM and go to bed so early.
  3. by   RNview
    thanks guys! yeah, my don told me that it is easier to orient at night and that's where new rns learn. i will be oriented at am shift too, but only for a short period of time 'coz they get very busy during the day and the don said that most of their am rns doesn't want to be bothered in times like that. i am looking forward to have great co-workers. i am someone who asks questions when something is not clear. i do hope to have a nice preceptor.
    anyway, i am so afraid that i might fall asleep at work on my first few nights :imbar did it ever happen to someone? i hope it won't happen to me. 3rdshiftguy- goodluck on your am shift sure it is as hard as adjusting from day-to-night.