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  1. hi, i am in the process of taking a pt job in ltc. i have a question... what is night shift like? what are your normal duties and responsibilities as a rn in ltc on nights? i doubt i will get a very long orientation since it is ltc. plus, i value my license and do not want greedy owners to take it from me to save their own butts. so my next question is... what do i do to protect myself while working ltc? thanks.
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  3. by   missyd1991
    I have worked in LTC for over 13 years and you need to research the facilty you are going to be working in, I have worked for non profit and it has been great. They really take care of you and the residents. Nights has a lot of paper work but it can be a lot of fun. Choose your atitude the day you go in, take the attitude that you are hear for the residents. It is very much like a family, take the good with the bad and you will love it. Good luck and God bless.
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    see other threads with more details,
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  6. by   LHH1996
    if you go into it already having a negative attitude it won't work out. most places will give you orientation at least two weeks and more if needed. you need to research the facility you are interested. you need to want to do it for the residents. not all facilities are "greedy"