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  1. I just accepted a new position in which the facility uses AccuNurse. Anyone have any experience with this? I am so confused so far. Yesterday I had to do the vocabulary words so it could get used to my voice and the entire program took an hour and a half.
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  3. by   gagezoie
    All I can say is good luck. We've had them for about 6 months and they are the biggest pieces of junk. Our facility is hoping cooperate will get rid of them.
  4. by   certifiedbuttwiper
    I agree, the best use for AccuNurse is to skip it across a pond, or maybe smash it with a hammer. It's quadrupled the workload on CNA's at our facility (we used CareTracker before they brought this monstrosity in), and more than quadrupled the stress levels. Good luck, there are several posts on here that give some good details about how it works, all I can say is get ready to be hoarse from talking into it all the time, have headache medicine handy from wearing the headset, and if you have any dementia patients, be careful that they don't choke you with the cord (even if you have it tucked under your scrubs). If your facility is anything like mine, you will have to chart while you're caring for residents if you have any hope of getting it all done, and your residents that are hard of hearing or that have dementia will think you're talking to them when you're talking to the headset. Your MDS people and corporate will love it, because it gives them an excuse to charge Medicare and Medicaid more; not that I've seen any evidence of it in my paycheck or in any reversal of the constant shortages of basic items needed for resident care.