need advice about switching to LTC

  1. I am looking for advice regarding switching to LTC. I have been a nurse for 2 years on a med/surg unit on midnights. I am now 17 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and my body is so over the 7pm-7am shift. The hospital where I work does not offer 8 hour shifts. I have considered changing to days on the unit I am on but the unit is in total turmoil right now. We just lost our awesome manager who fought like crazy for our ratios and don't have a permanent replacement yet. The last 3 times I've worked the day shift has been assigned 8 patients and this is not a low acuity floor! we have 3 vents, do peritoneal dialysis, most pt's on telemetry etc. I think I would end up institutionalized if I accepted a position on days. There is a LTC facility down the street, I read in the paper that it is a 29 bed skilled facility and they do hire afternoons which would be perfect for me as my husband gets home from work at 2pm 2 days a week. I'm a part timer by the way. I love people, I love helping people, I love my geriatric patients in the hosptial but what I'm afraid of is if I'm timid about 8 patients how am I going to care for 29? My girlfriend worked in a nursing home for 6 mos and said all she did was pass meds and disimpact people. what is the afternoon shift like? does anyone know if it is a pay cut from acute care? if so, is it significant? is it scary being the only nurse on the floor? please tell me everything you think might be useful in helping me make this decision! THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!
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    Few questions to ask..What are the staffing ratios..and about job responisibilites? Right now I'm 35 weeks pregnant with #3 and work part time..This weekend will be my last scheduled, but I told them to call me for call offs and maybe I will go in. As far as how hard the work is... not hard, this pregnancy, I can just barely walk at times (back pain) A little bit of info about my shifts. I'm an RN on 3-11 with an LPN and usually 3-4 CNAs for 48 residents. I do 2 med passes, treatments and act as charge/ supervisor... call doc, deal with families IVs (Piccs and Central lines). As far as disimpactions..... they should be a thing of the past..bowel regiems are very big now days. Some of the other duties nurses have in LTC include helping feeding meals and stocking supplies. I personally don't think the work is that demanding at present, mainly because I work weekends and most of our recent admits have been low acuity... It just depends... I'd say check it out... look around and ask questions...As far as the pay is concerned... not sure in your area, but some of our rates are higher than in acute care.

    Oops I just'd be the only nurse on the floor huh? Not so scarey, but look at pt acuity and help from CNA staff.