My new job!

  1. Well, this is my last weekend at the old place! Yippee!! :roll

    I already KNOW the new one is going to be better - I was prepared to fight for at least a week of orientation - but the new DON doesn't have me scheduled on my own until the middle of DECEMBER!!!

    After only getting 3 days at the other place - this just sounds like heaven!
    I'm gonna do one nite next week, then off for the holiday, then officially start the next!
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  3. by   marjoriemac
    When I started my new job 2 weeks ago, I was astonished too! 2 weeks induction as opposed to 2 days in my last post.
  4. by   banditrn
    I've already fallen in 'like' with the asst. DON at the new place!! After talking to her a few times I've discovered that she has a strange sense of humor - just like mine - I got to laughing at some of the things she said and she told me "Well, you gotta have FUN once in awhile." Outstanding!!:roll

    I did get a little teary today leaving some of the residents - they've been in a twitter the last couple of days since they heard I was leaving.

    My absolute favorite doll of all time was very upset - I SO enjoyed our time together in the early AM - she is WC bound, kinda forgetful, but so funny - and I like to tell her jokes and stories and such to get her laughing.

    She told me she hoped my new job worked out, and I told her if it didn't, I'd probably just come out there, pull up a chair next to hers, and we'd think up tricks to pull on people all day. From the other side of the room, I heard this little voice say "I hope you two don't play any tricks on me!" It was her little roommate - we all got a big laugh out of that!
  5. by   marjoriemac
    Its sad to leave, but nice to know the folk you care for, care for you too. I had a tearful day too before I left my last post. Lots of residents wishing me well, a few crying, some asked me not to go. I still keep in touch with the matron and some of the residents and pop in when I'm in the area.