MRSA policy

  1. We have an MRSA policy instituted, however, I just noticed that it states to contact the CDC regarding when the resident is no longer infected. I haven't been able to find these criteria, I've been all over their guidelines. Do any of you have this in your policies? Thanks alot, Kim.
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  3. by   squaw nurse
    Never heard of this before Kimmyjc. It's not in our P&P.
  4. by   Talino
    Your policy appears to be very vague or poorly thought out (a short cut?). You don't contact CDC to determine whether a resident is still infected or not. You do need to review the CDC guidelines before you write a policy.

    Our policy (re: whether a resident is still infected or not) is to do a culture when a resident appears asymptomatic or after the course of treatment. Then repeated again after 24 hours (that is, 2 cultures at 24 hr. interval).

    Here's a good link in developing a policy about MRSA in LTCFs (needs an Acrobat reader to open)....

  5. by   oldfolksnurse
    Never heard of contacting the CDC for the resolution of MRSA. We do have a list of diseases/conditions that have to be reported to the County Health Department immediately or within one week, but MRSA is not one of the listed conditions.
  6. by   matt033174
    I think CDC would laugh at you if you called them on a MRSA. Our policy is like some of the others 2 cultures from an infected site 4 hours apart showing neg. We also have to show a neg nasal swab from the same patient to confirm no colonization.