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  1. As part of the Medication management module I'm studying, I need to share with peers through the discussion list the following topic:
    interventions to assist older people who have poor memory to safely administer medications.
    In the high care facility where I work we generally administer and assist with medications - its pretty much routine. Some people are capable of taking them without supervision when dispensed by RN and may be capable to self medicate. Prompts and reminders are necessary sometimes. Majority are incapable due cognitive dysfunction, mainly dementia. Some residents in the hostel self medicate following an assessment. We generally don't routinely assess for self medication capabilities in the nursing home. Does anyone? We don't have any memory aids to assist people with minor memory problems.
    Does any one know of a good Medication Reminder Chart and what is on it? Do you use any other form of memory aid to assist residents to remember to take medications? What are they?
    - Spanner
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  3. by   debbyed
    For Home Health Patients I have had who's problems were basically poor sight and decreased dexterity we got these really large medication boxes, divided by days. Morning box was yellow for the sun up, noon was pink for flowers and night was dark blue for sun down. We filled them once a week and frequently checked them to make sure other measures weren't necessary. If we found a patient who forgot alot, the office staff had a call list and would place a call to the patient during the time he was most likely to forget to remind him. This system worked well.
  4. by   ChainedChaosRN
    Hi Spanner, I've not seen anything over the years that help other than the box that Debbye mentioned.

    At one facility I was at with an Assisted Living wing...the PCA would go through and knock on doors of the certain individuals that would "forget". One thing I have noticed over the years...many times it's not "forgetfulness" it's just plain old "noncompliance"...with using "I forgot" as the excuse. Been known to use that line myself
  5. by   jevans
    We use a chart that contains the pharmaceutical and brand name, why the medication has been prescribed and how it works [in layman terms] and times of the day that has been divided into mealtimes ie breakfast, lunch etc.

    medication is given out at these times and people who have graduated to self-medication are asked whether they have taken them.

    Assessment falls into 3 categories unable to self medicate due to........ medicating under supervision[ this is an excelent time for pt education] and self medicating.

    if you would like copies of the documentation please contact me.