MDS/PPS Q & A: Suctioning Defined

  1. MDS Manual 2003 Section P1i: SUCTIONING

    i. Suctioning - Includes nasopharyngeal or tracheal aspiration only. Oral suctioning should not be coded here.

    "Oral suctioning should not be coded here." (This was not an issue with the former MDS Manual)

    If I have a client who has excessive salivation that collects primarily in the buccal cavity and has an order -- "Suction oral secretions before each meal and prn", where shall it be coded then?

    ...or shall I wait 'til it travels down the pharynx or trachea before I suction it to count???

    What's your interpretation?
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  3. by   betts

    Check above as well as with your DON...
  4. by   betts

    may need to subsitute fdhc.state.fl<>nydhc.state.ny

    Check above as well as with your DON...
  5. by   Talino
    You must be replying to a different thread , I see no relevance to the link. This is not about revenue codes. It's an MDS 2.0 semantics. But thanks for sharing.
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    None of the Above

    It's actually in here, pp. 182 - 183...

    but I have to call on those who are familiar w/ the MDS (Minimum Data Set).

    Sorry for your trouble.
  9. by   ChainedChaosRN
    I guess you would code it under Section L with f. and possibly a., then under K...with swallowing problems.

    I've never had an order like that. Might try a scop patch for the excessive saliva?