LTC vs. AL

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I found this site this morning and have spent more time than I care to admit reading all the threads. Gosh! You all are a wonderful resource!

    I have been in LTC for about 10 years. I recently left my position for some time off with my family. I'm considering going back to an Assisted Living facility and I was wondering how different they really are.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? How different are the regs? Do they have the same type of state inspections? What is staffing usually like? the job I left, I had 16 there are 31. Are the residents really THAT much easier to take care of in AL? (They didn't look it during an interview!)

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  3. by   PyshRN
    I worked for an assisted living one year while I was going to nursing school. The patients that we took care of were pretty self sufficient. They had to be ambulatory, or be able to roll themselves to the dinner hall, and they didn't have anyone who required lifts. I think there were about 30 or so pts to 3 aides. In addition, there was an alzheimers unit with 8-12 pts with another 1-2 aides. I passed meds, helped with ADL's, and collected linen and laundry to be washed. There were three levels of care - independent - who were just there in case they needed assistance, semi-independent - who required assistance with baths, and complete - these people needed help with most ADL's, most of the completes were alzhemier pts. I don't know a whole lot about the regulations, but this is the experience I had. I really enjoyed the job. Hope it helps!!
  4. by   ann945n
    AL is a bit different then LTC. Your residents will be more independent and need just assistance with care, usually not total. As well in AL aids can help pass meds. As I have had in my experience the Nurses in AL are there to do assessment on going treatments aids cant do (injections narcs etc) and to help admit discharge and all the paperwork behind it all. I think this can vary from place to place. I enjoy AL more because it feels more like a 'home' for the residents, the pace is slower and I feel a better quality of life for those who live there, more independence and space. This is just from my personal experience with the two, I would pick AL over LTC any day.