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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this thread. But I need help on tips to negotiate or talk about compensation in a LTC facility. I am a new grad and I have a meeting with a Director... Read More

  1. by   DanidelionRN
    Quote from Heart 2 serve
    Thank you for replying. Are you getting paid differentials for nights and weekends?

    I don't get any differentials, personally- but i do work days. I did not hear about there being differentials for the night shift though. Our facility does though, have problems with some of the night shift nurses in some ways- several nurses I've known have had to go to work in the middle of the night to start an IV because the facility didn't schedule an RN for the shift (I'm not sure how that's legal, honestly), to find all the night shift nurses sitting around the nursing station playing cards... or taking turns taking naps on the job!.... while they fuss at the day shift if they haven't managed to process all the dr's. faxes and lab results that came pouring in an hour before the end of the day shift (during the 4pm med pass). I'm pretty sure there'd be an uproar from days if nights got paid more, unless they started doing more too.

    I do get alright benefits I suppose- though I'm seriously contemplating skipping the insurance and just getting pay in lieu of benefits (they do that here) and putting money in a health savings account- since I don't really spend $150 a month on healthcare stuff, and that's what I"m losing through deductions.
  2. by   KarriRN
    I started on the 8th at a LTC facility. Im in New Mexico and I graduated in May 2011. My wage is 20.50/hr and I'm on the 2-10 shift so I get a two dollar diff which puts me at 22.5/hr.
  3. by   Heart 2 serve
    Yes it's understandable with all the differences, but there is a downside of working night shifts. Your sleep pattern is off and plus social life is no where to be found. :/

    Karen thanks for replying!!!
  4. by   LPNnowRN
    $23/hr in rural Wisconsin.
  5. by   sweetjess321
    Are you in Brookings? I'm from South Dakota so I thought I'd ask!