Long term care surveys - page 3

I work with several long term care facilities in northern Indiana as a consultant and am just wondering how other states are coping with their state surveys. Indiana has gotten to the point that... Read More

  1. by   CoachCathy
    Tex - we have had state twice here in NC in one month :-p The focus seemed to be on oral care (like the one from Kansas said) and feet (!?!?). They also looked at our pneumovax and fluvax records, which is something they haven't done before. good luck . Just for the record, the craziest tag I have seen was given to the facility I was at a couple of years ago. Twenty-something year old CP patient - kept groping the staff members - had to redirect, etc., got social work involved, etc., tried to increase out of room activities, etc. We got hit with a G for "failing to meet the psychosexual needs of a resident" !!! My thought was that Medicare doesn't reimburse for lap dances! :-) We did take that to IDR and won......
  2. by   Fran-RN
    Did they have any suggestions on what you were supposed to do??? crazy is right.