Joint Commission Survey

  1. After a delay and a long wait, we are finally having our Joint Commission accreditation survey on Monday and Tuesday. Has anyone had one recently? We've been told the way they survey has changed in that the surveyor spends most of the time on the floors and not looking at charts as they did in years before. Everyone seems so worried about's not as bad as a DPH survey. Most of the SNF's around here have given up the accreditation because the only thing it gets you other than the initials is managed care contracts.
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Day one is over....BRUTAL....what do these people expect???
    Anyone out there have a Joint Commission Accreditation for sub-acute?
  4. by   Nurse_Pauline
    You have my sympathy CC. Recently survived joint commision,wasnt too bad for me. I run a dementia unit and they stayed away. I know they are big on Patient Saftey and the timelyness of MD's seeing Pts after admission. Beyond that our survey was pretty tame. Gearing up for state now.....Im much more concerned with that. Good Luck! And remember, you are there every day giving your best, they are only there for a few days,hang in there