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I was curious as to why there is such a difference in the quality of adult incontinent briefs (depents, attends) compared to infant diapers. The adult briefs are plastic on the outside, make noise... Read More

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    I don't think this is true. I think the real problem is some tech's (not any of the one's on here of course) will leave diapers on too long and skip rounds and not change residents or patients that really need it. The diapers stay on too long and the urine and feces are in contact with the skin. They think because it is contained in the diaper, that they can leave them on. I personally think it is ridiculous to leave a person lying on a wet pad. To me that's like lying in a wet bed. The diaper will absorb if you change it often enough--this may not be two hours for everyone either. Also, especially in LTC, the entire bed get's wet and the sheets, the gown, the pillowcase sometimes with men. Oh and don't get me started on men who somehow miss the diaper entirely. Bottom line is, change, dry and wash often and there will be no problem.
    We work on a transplant unit and sometimes we have patients, young and old that are incontinent. Our PCT's get in their rooms as fast as they can to change them...sometimes it's through no fault of the PCT's...they can only do so much...We also get orders from the MDs NOT to use the briefs because they keep the moisture (acidic moisture) close to the skin, breaking the skin down. I prefer to use paper chux than anything else...sometimes orders are written for those as well.

    Realistically, we can't be in the room every single time someone urinates or has a bowel movement. And if we are, sometimes we can't get in there right away. That's next to impossible.