I'm a PRN nurse... just wondering, what's it like at your place?

  1. I have 4 young children so until they are all in school I opted to become a PRN nurse. Friends told me it might be hard to get hours, but this has become quite the opposite. I could work 7 days a week if I wanted to, they are always calling me to work.. I am working 3-6 days a week when I really only wanted to work 1-2. I work what I am required to (the two weekend shifts per month) but then I always feel bad saying no to any of the other shifts I am asked to work.

    I am not saying this is a bad thing or a good thing... the money is great. Just interested to see how often PRNs work at other places. Thanks!
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  3. by   missy0090
    We would love someone like u in our facility! It is so hard getting a call off because someone is terribly sick! Having someone to easily call and know they are reliable to come in and fill in the position is awesome! I have had countless experience with call offs with aides and I haven fair share of charge nurses calling off and it is definitely time consuming to wait for anyone to call back and even hope an agency person can come in. Our PRN staff gets hours a lot coz we always need someone to fill in the schedule! If some of our PRNs don't have 2nd jobs, they can work 7 days too either in different shifts or half shifts as the med nurse in 3-11.
  4. by   magn1jes
    My first CNA job was in a LTC facility and I was (supposed to be) PRN. I had the same problem as you... some days I would get called to work EVERY shift! It was very stressful and I couldn't seem to get away. I always felt terrible saying no and eventually ended up quitting because the calls were just relentless.

    Fast forward a couple years: I was "offered" (I have to pass my boards first) a casual LPN position in a clinic and am nervous that I will have the same problem that I did in the LTC. Like you, I only want 1-2 shifts per week because I would like to be a mom first, but am excited for the experience. Hopefully it all works out!

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   NurseCard
    I work PRN, well actually I'm agency but the principle is the same.. for a facility.

    For a while I was getting as many hours as I wanted; for about five months
    actually... then the call-offs started. Mind you, this is a hospital that I'm
    talking about, so the patient census varies. Census gets low, they don't
    need as much help.

    Some facilities are ALWAYS short staffed and will ALWAYS need you.