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Ok, so I have a challenging situation with my mother, and I am hoping someone here has some ideas. My mom has had surgery for spinal stenosis back in March. She has been in a rehab/nursing home... Read More

  1. by   jenni82104
    I called adult services in my state, and told the social worker my situation, and I was told that she does not qualify for medicare. I think she makes too much for help, but not enough to pay for the whole thing herself. I think the facility is looking at whether it is safe for her or not to go home, and the social worker told me she doesn't think it is. The problem is the insurance company will not pay indefinitely.
  2. by   ktwlpn
    don't feel like you are failing her-you are doing the best you can.It's the healthcare system and society that is failing the elderly.You need to consult a lawyer who specializes in elder care.It sounds like she will never be motivated to get back to taking care of herself and certainly would not be safe at home without lots of services.Some communities have a waiver program that provides funds and services to assist people to remain in their own homes but space is limited.It sounds like she will have to sell her home to go to LTC-when the money runs out she will get medicaid.I work in a county run LTC and every bed is medicaid certified-we actually have very few private pay residents and they all get the same care.If insurance or medicare/medicaid will not pay for a particular med/treatment or consult we eat the cost.The last for-profit LTC I worked in had maybe a dozen medicare beds-if a resident ran out of money and a medicare certified bed was not available then they were discharged (most ended up at the county home) Those private pay residents got the services their insurance and families paid for and nothing else....It looks to me like you either have to be flat broke or a billionaire to live past the age of your retirement....Goog luck-keep us posted