1. I recently was given the job of DON at the nursing home where I have worked as an RN floor nurse for a little over a year. I have absolutely no supervisory experience and I am receiving little orientation. Can anyone give me advice?
    We also lost our medicare manager, along with several other key employees.
    Tammy A.,RN
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  3. by   iamme457
    Did you accept this position or were you told you were to fill it?
    I have a millions questions for you but dont really know where to start.
    A DON job is a lot of work, it is something someone has to really want to do.
    Do you get along with the Administrator? and do you know the Board of Directors and their stand on issues?
    What are your current staffing issues and when did state last visit your facility and how did it do?
    How big is the facility, how many beds, are there any certified medicare beds?
    What type of support staff do you have, RNAC, Infection control, restorative, OT/PT, wound control, instructor, ADON, how competent are your supervisors, is your Medical director a reasonable doc to talk to.
    We could go on and on I guess.
    I cannot make any suggestions except to look into these areas and then maybe I could help out more.