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I've posted a couple of times about the smoking in our facility. After last weekend, I guess admin has finally decided that smoking by the residents will have to be regulated. We have 70+... Read More

  1. by   tattooednursie
    Ours had to start a schedual too. I totally sympathize with the cravings and I am sure LTC residents get bored and just want something to do, but I am sure that another resident with a wet breif on or needing to go to the restroom is in way more distress than a nicotine fit. When they act selfish and want everyone to cater to them, that is taking away from another residents more urgent care. It bothers me when that is explained to an alert and oriented patient, and they still don't care!!! Our smoke times are 0900, 1030, 1330, 1500, 1630, 1930, and 2100
  2. by   tattooednursie
    Quote from banditrn
    So, so true!!! Some nights I just have to look skyward, and shake my head!

    I'm going to be done with it all soon - and I told one of the young nurses the other morning that I'd been making a list of certain things I'd observed over the years - so that 'I'd' be able to pull the same stunts when 'I' was in LTC!
    She said if she saw them wheel me in the door, she was taking off!!

    Two incidents that I added to my list the other night:
    A rather snooty lady who doesn't like having a roommate - but can't afford, or won't pay for a private room, called for me. She complained of feeling dizzy, and sick to her stomach. I took her vitals, which were normal, then told her I'd call her Doc to see if I could get an order for a Phenergan suppository - she shook her head no, and pointed to her roommate, a very nice lady, who is in for rehab for foot ulcers.
    So, I asked her, is this what this is all about? I told her that the roommate was paying for her half of the room, and she had just as much right to be there. I again offered to call her doctor, which she refused, so I told her she needed to roll over and go to sleep, and leave her roommate alone.

    Later I gave a prescribed Vicodin to a lady, she rolled it around in her mouth awhile, spit it out, told me that she couldn't swallow it, and to go get her another one! That one went on my list.

    Let's see based on what I have dealt with. . . When I am a LTC resident . . . . *evil grin*

    I will learn my nurses name, and my CNA's name, and I will yell for them personally when I want a ciggarette . . . So what if I just came back in.

    I like the vicodin trick . . . thats been done before.

    If I get too bored and pitiful I could throw myself out of my wheelchair, faking a seizure . . yelling "SEIZURE SEIZURE!!! I"M HAVING A SEIZURE!!! HELP ME!!!" (LOL)

    I will score clean sheets every night by taking my brief off, getting UNDER the incontinence pads, and then have a pee attack . . . just for fun.

    I will sing christmas carrols in the summer time . . . VERY LOUDLY.

    I'll get 3 sheets to the wind, flirting with every old man, after 2 O'Duels and oh too much sparking cider on superbowl sunday.

    This one is always good . . . If I don't want to go to the dining room to eat, and they tell me I have to eat . . . I'll crap my pants, then they'll take me back to my room for sure.

    GOD!!!! I can't wait to be old!!!!!!!!!!! I earned it!!!