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  1. I am an RN in a LCT unit. I work 6pm-7am and have two med carts for the acute care sections of my building, I have the HS med pass for 44 residents, EVE shift and NOC shift treatments 2 MARS, and an AM med pass for the same. I am very busy (what nurse isn't). Recently a coworker has a family emergency so I said I would pick up their shift. I was pitching in to help out as we are already short on nurses. I worked 140+ hours in doubles over 10 day. I was feeling really burnt out. During this time my executive director was fired for mishandling an allegation so corporate was like ants all over the building. On my last day, It was a really bad shift. Nurses before me hadn't premedication our high pain people and I had a running list of 10 people at a time who needed me. My RCM filled the station with charts that needed admits, assessments fixes, or had a dozen or so new orders. Plus a stack of lab results came back, so they needed to be noted, charted, residents and families informed and new orders completed. My RCM said don't leave until these are done r/t corporate audits. At 1 am one of my CNA's was leaving and told me resident X had pain. I lined out the LPN helping with orders on how to do an order and checked on my resident who was sitting on the side of the bed rubbing his leg (post op hip, A&O x4) He said he was up to bedside commode and hurt, but didn't want pain pills, offered ice pack he said he would just go back to sleep. I helped him to bed. At 4 am, CNA said his light was on for pain, I brought 10mg oxycodone. I went back to files. Then had to do check and changes for female only, then last rounds.

    I stayed until 10 am finishing the paperwork. I was a rough morning and made for a 16 hour day. I finally get home and get 1 hour of sleep when corporate calls and says resident x had a delay in getting his pain meds. They wanted me to make a statement but gave me no details about the allegation. I told them the facts at HS med pass I had to wake him for blood sugar and Lantus and offered it, he said no which was unlike him, I checked on him at 1 am and stated his non-verbal indicators of pain and the offered interventions, then later int he morning he requested pain med. They said it was fine and all cleared up. Later I was called by my DON, I was SUSPENDED for NEGLECT, but if I sign a form it all goes away and I can go back to work. They interviewed my CNA she said he wanted a pain pill. So obviously I didn't sign it out until 4 am and they don't know why or the reason but there was a problem. And I didn't sign the pain sheet correctly. (granted I was one of the few nurses who signed it at all, it rolled out with the new MAR this month but 'training isn't until 19th)

    I was so upset I didn't go to Christmas party tonight. But I need to sign this before my shift and even though my DOn says it's not going in your file, don't worry about it just sign it. I don't feel right about it. AT ALL! I can't force someone to take narcotics, I offered non-medication options. People have the right to refuse. I don't even know what his statement was.

    I have made a med error there (I filled out form and reported myself) I didn't give a medication that was due in time.

    I was trained at accepting pharmacy medications by a nurse manager (improperly) and our delivery driver swiped 4 fentanyl patches from signed in the pile. It was investigated by state and it had happened at multiple facilities. But because I didn't follow policy (sign date, time, double sign with another nurse, initial next to the name and write qty) I came in, asked for a drug test, searched the building and when no patches were found I was suspended for 24 hours I didn't gripe. even though other nurses on that night with me did not even have to write a statement.

    I think I have a good attitude and roll with things and I think it makes me an easy target/scapegoat.

    MY QUESTION after all that rambling is should I sign the suspension paperwork? I really don't feel right about it. IF I go to apply for another job, I am sure it will come up. Plus it is my reputation. If I do something I feel like I deserve it. But if I don't sign I don't think I have a job. But they are down 3 nurses and I don't think they will let me go. I am very upset, maybe form working so much also.
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  3. by   Nrsvn11
    I was recently suspended as well for a different incident. They asked me to sign a paper that stated I would be suspended pending I vestigial for an witnessed fall in my hall. I wrote a huge statement on there justifying my doings and how I had no control over it. My attorney says it was great that I wrote a statement on there and it's in a way okay that I signed it but not preferred. It is all as matter of what the paper says. What are you agreeing to? Can come back and harm you?
  4. by   BBP42
    I have never received a write up as a nurse, but I have in a previous job. Many people at that job would refuse to sign the forms, the HR person would just write refused, the write up still stands. Signing the paper was just acknowledging that you received your copy. The advice I was given was to add under the signature that you would be responding in writing within 24 hours. Then you had time to cool off, write up your side of the story, and it would be in your file along with the write up. Unless your form is something unusual, your signature just means you were notified of the warning/suspension. There is really no reason I see not to sign and then provide your incident report for your file.
  5. by   plumlady
    i am just sick after I read your post of how you arebeing treated! a nurse is worked like a borrowed mule and then scaped goated b/c things go south! how do they expect u to be in top form with those kind of hours! I don't want to incite pity, however early in my career I could see some of the writing on the wall and decided to getmore education so I would have multiple careeroptions and I am glad I did! I got my certificate as a drug/ alcohol counselor and helped in programming phase of places plus tried other types of nursing such as public health. getting out of that mold frees us from fear of change, and it made me more advertsome to try all kinds of things! don't get me wrong I lve bedside nursing and I am so glad for that medical piece that most clinicans don't have, helps one to see whole picture. I can tell u r a hard worker, go for it and work smart!