Curious about RN Supervisor position?

  1. I know it varies from place to place.. But to what extent wad this position bedside care at your workplace?

    I've heard anything from 80% office work with some admission assessments and emergencies, to living up shifts on the floor once a week.

    I did geriatric med/surg for over3 years, moved to women's health, and really miss my geris! But I'm also over being only at the bedside. I charged on the geri floor and loved it. Out was still patient care but not the tedious parts.

    I'm interviewing on Monday so I'm got to ask them, but I just wondered about others experiences.
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  3. by   BBP42
    In my RN Sup position, that meant a full wing assigned, usually the most difficult/critical one, including admissions to my wing, as well as handling callouts or workplace injuries during my shift, and being a resource for the other nurses who were working that shift if they had a problem they weren't sure how to address. If one of them was a newer nurse I was expected to walk through their wing and briefly assess any unstable patients and make sure appropriate interventions and follow up were being done. Being the sup for the night was only $4 extra an hour. Honestly hardly worth it although i guess supervisory experience looks good on a resume.