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Since when can a med aid refuse to give a resident his med's because they are "fighting"? Jill... Read More

  1. by   banditrn
    Quote from marjoriemac
    All residents have a right to refuse their medications. As a nurse we have to judge whether this is due to a failure of cognition or a residents reasoned wish.
    The lady I was talking about wasn't refusing her meds until the rehab 'nurse' decided to get involved.
    What I couldn't understand was why she was getting involved in the first place? Or why the nurse on duty let her get by with it - that treatment lost the facility a resident.

    I've also been told by more than one nurse there of two of the older nurses who will 'force-feed' medications to residents. A resident aspirated and DIED from this recently - another nurse witnessed it and told me about it later, when I asked what happened to the resident. I got ALL fired up and was ready to call the state, until my husband talked to me about it - he told me that the person who witnessed it should do the calling or the admin. He told me that I was getting my info second hand.

    I'm not going to miss this at all.