Clinical software - RAI, CarePlans

  1. What software are you using for your clinical software - RAI, care plans, etc.

    We are using Melyx and hate it. Updates take forever and frequently create havoc!
    They are slow in returning phone calls. They don't seem to have a good grasp of regulatory changes and requirements.

    Is anyone using Saunders? What about Achieve? It seems that software that offers both financial and clinical often times short changes the clinical side. It doesn't seem like nurses had any input into the design/flow of the clinical software unless it is a seperate clinical software package.

    Have any of you gone through the process of changing from one clinical software to another? Any helpfully hints? Please be brutally honest with your assessments of different vendor's software. Saunder came and did a inservice on their clinical software and it looked promising to me... but???
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  3. by   rninformatics
    Am familiar with Stat2 and Delta's Clinical Link software(s) for Home Care documentation;
    and Meditech's OE (Order Entry),ITS (Imaging and Therapeutic Services), PCM (Pt Care Management) and EMR(Enterprise Medical Record) modules for acute care. Delta's (Currently SMS) product is excellent for documentation of nursing notes, care plans, 60 day summaries, etc. Meditech's products provide flexibility and real world usability. Both vendors(Delta and Meditech) provide excellent customer support and user friendly software. Any other questions, let me know.