Challenging assignments

  1. Anyone dealing with challenging assignments?

    My current nurse/pt ratio (on paper) should be easy blindfolded. I have 21 on days....BUT they are in two separate "houses" that are adjacent...I have to push a cart back & forth.

    The challenge comes in when one house has only one CNA to 14 pts (not planned, but happens very often) and is also plating, serving and doing dishes for two meals. So, of course I have to help & also have to deal with all the incidents that occur because there is only one person available when I leave to pass meds in my second house.

    I consider myself a fairly good nurse...good time mgmt, know the tricks to help keep dementia pts safe, able to juggle multiple tasks etc...BUT this setup leaves me wanting to run from the building screaming every time I have to work short.

    My complaints have become so common that staffing & the ADON just hang up on me. Apparently this will be the norm.

    So my question is...How do those of you who know you were "called" to LTC manage the stress? How do I keep doing my job (not so well) and not hate those having to enforce budgeting/staffing constraints?

    Do I care too much perhaps?
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  3. by   chrisrn24
    Do you work at my work? Haha sounds a lot like my work. Fortunately I work nights and don't deal with it usually but when I pick up day shifts I want to rip my hair out!

    The split units kills me. I feel like I'm ignoring one unit when I'm on the other unit.
  4. by   bethann2727
    Lol....maybe I do...not naming it! It is a tough job but one I gotta keep
  5. by   chrisrn24
    Quote from bethann2727
    Lol....maybe I do...not naming it! It is a tough job but one I gotta keep
    Of course!

    I have no advice but good luck all the same!

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