Call for amusing stories

  1. I need to share an amusing story from the other day.
    I was preparing to give a scheduled injection to a patient with mild dementia the other day. A very pleasant lady who is alert, but occasionally mixes up the facts. To help put her at ease, I explained what I was going to do, and that I would give her the needle in a spot that hurt less etc... When she was still sceptical, I shared with her that I had had the same kind of needle just the other day, and it was one of the less painful ones. She let me give her the needle, and was soon off on her merry way.
    A few hours later, I overheard he talking on the phone to a son that lives out of town. She remarked that she had gotten a shot earlier by a "very nice nurse", who had given her the needle and had then given herself a shot....

    I had to laugh, once I had explained myself to the son. I can only imagine that this is how those nursng home horror stories get started.
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