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I work as a RNAC at a 300 bed long term care facility. Recently we had a visit from UMR. They found our facility did not have adequate documentation to support the MDS items-- B&B... Read More

  1. by   stephyscopeRN
    Quote from princessB
    could you please fax me any info on the b &b program. I'm also in need of a p & p for this program.
    thank you
    could I get more info from you about your b&b program and how do you get your employees to follow it to the letter?
  2. by   nursewratchet59
    Can you fax me Bladder and Bowel program training info to 210-444-9119. Thanks in advance for the help...
  3. by   ilmds
    Could I please have copies of what u have? Fax: 309-345-4328

    Are ur forms based on your state regs or Medicare. Either way I would really, really appreciate ur help. Our unit is a short term (12 days or <) hospital based skilled unit and the new MDS 3.0 is blowing our minds with the care issues we will have to be assessing and developing programs for.
  4. by   texastea
    I would appreciate if I could get any & all the copies also. Thanks in advance
  5. by   nunniede
    I have to come up with a program could you send me what you did. that would be great
  6. by   Marjoryaudrey
    Can somebody pls sent me the b & b retraining and 72 screening program with MDS 3.0 requirements, also all staff training materials, like power point, so i can go over it during the weekend, and get ready.
    I greatly appreciate it. I am in time struggle now, and need help pls. sent any info to

    Many thanks in advance

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  7. by   hurlburtmj
    Hi, I would also like a copy of the information that you have regarding the B and B program. Please fax to me (ATTN: Megan--Rehab) at 770-499-2235.
    Thanks so much!
  8. by   SEM26
    Hi, I am in the process of revising a Bowel and Bladder Program to suit the philosophy of our Incontinence Management Program more appropriately. I have a few questions for you that I would greatly appreciate your feedback on.

    From my research, in order to make a B and B program apply for the H3a MDS assessment, it is necessary to individualize each resident's toileting schedule. In your previous experience, did you find this to be true? If not, did you just recommend a standardized program?

    I am recommending to identify the type of inco and then conduct a voiding diary for 3 days (based off of cms recommendations) and with that information, create a toileting program.

    Do you have any further suggestions or ideas of items that need to be included in a B and B program?

    I really appreciate your time and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Thank you!