Benchmarking for appropriate staffing

  1. I am trying to get the administrator of my facility to agree to hiring more staff. I've been asked to "benchmark" to see how other facilities staff. I work in a nursing home. The floor that I manage is a combination rehab/LTC floor. We have 20 rehab patients and 1 LTC residents. On days we have: me, 2 LPN's for the whole shift and 1 LPN from 7 am to 1 pm. We have 5 CNA's (and one of them only works until 1 pm). On evenings we have 1 LPN from 3-11 and 1 LPN from 3-8 or 4 to 9. We have 4 CNA's. On nights we have 1 LPN and 1 to 2 CNA's. I contend that we are understaffed. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   newangelofmercy
    I work in LTC my unit has 48 to 50 residents 2 with feed tubes 2 with caths Most are 2 assists. 7-11 has 2 LPN's and 3-4 STNA's 3-11 has 2 LPN's and 3 STNA's I am charge nurse LPN 11-7 and I have 2 STNA's It is a horrible mad house most of the time and the residents do not get the care that they deserve no matter how hard we try. I have only been a nurse 2 yrs and am already burned out. I love the res. but hate that paper work and the almighty dollar is more important than they are. Will probably not stay much longer.
  4. by   km rn
    Our usual staffing is as follows:

    4 48 bed units = 192 residents

    48 bed unit = 2 nurses, 5 or 6 CNAs, Unit Manager, Ward Clerk (5hours) on day shift.

    48 bed unit = 2 nurses, 5 or 6 CNAs, Transport Aide (wheels residents to appts/dinner) on PM shift.

    48 bed unit = 1 nurse and 2 CNAs on night shift.

    We do not have a huge rehab population - usually only 2 or 3 residents covered under Medicare Part A and 1 or 2 for Medicare Part B.

    HCFA is starting up a staffing comparision page.