Assited Living,,, Staffing,,,,, Resident Ratio,,,, Any Info,,,,,,

  1. I have been the D.O.N. of an assisted living facility for the past four years,,,, we are liscensed to provide the most care,,,,, I agree with the posted definitlon of Assisted Living in prior thread.
    I'm interested in any facts regarding your facility,,,,,,,
    I have 60 residents
    From 3 Independent to > half needing assistance with 4 or more of their ADL's
    3 CNAs days,,,, 3 CNA's evenings,,,, 2 nocs
    1 nurse in day,,,, plus myself mon thru fri
    1 nurse in evening
    0 thru noc
    Administer medications to 57 of these residents, on a daily basis
    Contact families,, doctor's any of 28 the residents are currently using
    Take orders,, change orders,, deal with doctor's who don't have hospital privledges

    And of course,,,, we are not considered a healthcare facility!!! lol

    33 residents are on the Florida Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver program and the extra charting and state visits that go with it.

    Thanks for any input
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  3. by   yoli 02
    I am a licensed nurse at an assisted living facility and i love it. Our assisted living facility has three levels independent, assisted, and skilled. I work on a skilled floor were we have a total of 31 residents. on my side i have 13 resident which is ok and i have more time to spend with my residents.