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  1. hi Folks

    I am doing a Post Graduate Diploma in Aged Care and have to do a research project. Would anyone have any good ideas for a topic or something to research in care of the elderly. ? I would appreciate everyones input into this if they have any ideas.
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  3. by   marjoriemac
    When I was at university, I done my thesis (12000 words) on Nurses Attitudes towards the Elderly. It was really interesting and was based in care homes. The results were not great, many people with negative stereotypes and it proved education lead to better attitudes. If I was at university again, I would do one on how many nurses ask about death arrangements on admissions and why they don't (where applicable), also like to see if the residents whom are not asked, do actually want to talk about it!
  4. by   Jazzminka
    Hi There
    That would be an ideal topic . I was thinking about the Assessmnet of Demetia within the acute care area. Like how when and ofetn is the assesment completeed before the lable of dementia is given to a patient.
    I have done a bit of a literture search on that subject but haven't come up with much . So i think there has not been a lot of research done in that area either. What do you all thinks?

    Thanks again
  5. by   marjoriemac
    I think that sounds real interesting. I have a love for dementia as my gran has alzheimers and some of the loveliest residents I have worked with have had dementia. I think the term dementia is used very easily in acute care, anyone over the age of 80 who is a bit confused is automatically demented and I think in acute care they forget about different degrees of dementia. Not everyone with dementia is clueless about what is happening around them and even those who are should still be communicated with. My gran was taken to local A&E after an episode os wandering in the middle of the night (she was spotted by police). In A&E, when we arrived (I had searched her local area frantically for an hour before calling the local hospitals to ask if a lady in an orange anorak had been admitted), she was alone in a room, had no idea what was happening and was very upset. Nobody came to see her for 20 minutes whilst we were there and when they did it was to move her to another room. I feel acute care need to know how to handle people with dementia better. Good luck in your project!
  6. by   bellcollector
    How about the impact of poor staffing through the eyes of the residents. Sort of along the lines of the book "Bed Number 10"? Personally I think that would be an awesome and challenging topic to explore. Who knows if done well it could even be sent to law makers in the hopes of making life better for the elderly being cared for in LTC facilities. Just a thought.
  7. by   linzz
    I am with bellcollector. How about poor staffing and how it impacts care or should I say lack thereof. I am sure theat the seniors who are fine mentally but not physically wonder why turnover at their facilities is so high. I think this is a huge issue that will only get worse as the boomers age.