Advice for Working 6 Evening Shifts in a Row?

  1. I work prn at a long term care facility and will be working 6 3-9:30 evening shifts in a row. I've been a LPN for 6 months now.

    Just feeling scared because itll be the first time for me working 6 evenings in a row and i just hope that i'll be able to carry my own weight. I feel like i'm getting better but i'm still slow and its hard only working on a prn basis, but im getting used to it.
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  3. by   amoLucia
    Prioritorize your sleep time when home (and really guard it). Hydrate when home & at work. Ditto for meals & snacks, esp at work.

    Go easy on yourself for household stuff - nobody ever died from a sink full of dishes or a floor needing dusting.

    Make sure your shoes are GOOD SHOES. Let them aerate overnite. Many nurses have 2 (or more) pairs that they rotate.

    Remember to relax - you'll do just fine!
  4. by   Newgurl17
    Thanks! How do i start off on the right foot for next time?
    It was my first time working on this unit in 3 months with a different set of residents. I learned yesterday that a couple of residents receive their 1700 pills at around 1530 and of these residents, one of them has to be fed their pills with applesauce, then later in the evening, this same resident is the first to get their medication.
    Usually by the second day in a row, it is better for me and im hoping that it will be better as each day progresses. I think that next time i'll ask about these things especially if i havent worked with the residents in a while. But yesterday was AWFUL though. I plan on arriving 20 minutes rather than 15 minutes early today. It takes me such a long time to figure out what to do, then i dont have time to do everything, then i have start the meds! This floor is harder for me to work on compared to another unit i also work on. The other unit i work on is a locked unit. After yesterday, i REALLY dont want to go back today. I feel like i dont have time to prepare myself for today's shift. Do i book more than one shift in a row, or do i book 1 shift at a time?
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  5. by   purplegal
    First day of working with a new set of patients is always the worst. That's the day you're figuring out each resident's preferences and quirks. Some people are not going to be happy but there's no way to know everything the first time so just keep plugging away until everything is done. You'll eventually learn what questions to ask in report that will help make your shift easier. Still, there will always be shifts that make you not want to return. The shifts that go great will make up for it.

    6 shifts in a row is a lot for anyone. Make sure you don't stay any longer than you have to, so you can get some rest. Next time, if possible, don't book that many shifts in a row. You should give yourself a break after 2 or 3 shifts, even if it's just one entire day off.