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Hello there all you wonderful LTC nurses:wavey: . I was wondering if you could spare some advice. I am starting in an LTC facility on the 7th of October. I am a brand new LPN and I was wondering what... Read More

  1. by   Little Panda RN
    Quote from critterlover
    however, once i started working, one of my fellow cnas (more experienced than me as an aide) laughed at me for trying to get a bp on a skilled patient with a weak pulse. he told me just to "get the top number, then put it over the pulse." :uhoh21:

    another aide was caught making up pulse rates on the locked dementia unit. he wasn't even creative enough to vary the rates. imagine that -- all the patient on the one unit had a heart rate of 78. hmmm.

    i have worked with many wonderful, caring aides, both as a cna and as an rn. but remember, if it looks suspicious, verify it yourself.

    it just amazes me that people actually believe that they can get away with this kind of stuff. i will never understand how their thought process works. i will keep this in mind while i am working. i guess you learn who you can and can't trust. thanks for the insight, these are things that i never even thought about before. i am soooo glad i asked for advice!!!!!