Accommodating a crazed family - page 2

What do you all think of this. I have a resident who is the sweetest, happiest, most positive lady ever. She never complains, has mild cognitive issues but can make her own choices and has NOT been... Read More

  1. by   ktwlpn
    Good luck tomorrow Bandaidexpert.I can't wait to hear how it all plays out.I would not hesitate to make an anonymous call to the ombudsman if I felt that the resident's own wishes and best interests were being ignored.I do wonder what kind of childhood this daughter had-maybe this is her way of controlling her mother and "making her pay" Even though it had no bearing on how she can treat her mother at the home....Gotta love these families that make the resident a pawn....
  2. by   bandaidexpert
    catsrule, I always appreciate your input. Yes, RD has been invloved, Yes MD has documented no medical issues secondary to weight gain. The DON, myself, SSD, Activities,and Dietary met with the resident today. She understands what her daughter wants, but cognitive issues limit recall. She goes to DR next morning and demands a danish, eggs, bacon, toast and 3 glasses of cranberry juice. I am just so ticked that our team is jumping because "lawyer' was mentioned. I will deal with it just as I do everyday, but damn.