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A little histoy for you I work in a 50 bed LTC unit for the last 9 years (Taking time off for materninty leave) I've worked as staff nurse, RNAC, Supervisor, and temp DON. The last 5 years I've... Read More

  1. by   CoffeeRTC
    Well here's a little update... the DON has become a little more involved, She hired a bunch of her "friends" to help out in staffing the place. How fun is it to work with your bosses friends?? She's also had to work a few hrs on the floor, but it wasn't pretty (kept asking the LPNs how to do things) So she's coming around a little. Just wandering how the rest of the smaller facilities have done things. Thanks for all the imput!
  2. by   Momma_Penguin
    Wow that sux when the DON or ADON won't help. We have 2 good nurses in our place that will come out from their office and help us. They have worked as RN supers, fed people, helped w/ care. I know it's not every day but I know if I went asked them to help me w/ a resident..they would w/o a problem. I also think that it helps them to see how hard we all work on our shifts.