15 Months

  1. Need Clarification...The state says we must keep all MDS records in an active chart for 15 months( on the floor). The state mgt I just went to says that even if a patient comes in & this marks a new admission, and this patient was an admission from July 2001 in our facility last year, we have to included the MDS's from that July 2001 stay, even though they were just admitted as a new resident currently.....Tex
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  3. by   Talino
    Absolutely CORRECT!

    15 mos. refer to all the MDSs completed during the period regardless the previous records were closed (per facility practice on discharge) and a new one opened (readmission).

    You can read this guideline from your RAI Manual : Reproduction of the RAI in the Resident's Record and Maintenance of the RAI, page 2-18
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    Thank you again for your response...............tex