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  1. Since starting my new job all I seem to do anymore is to ask more questions. LOL. At least I want to do a good job right?! I took a position in our hospitals skilled nursing unit. I had been in LTC for 4.5 years. I am going to be the MDS Coordinator after I get trained. I'm currently orientating on the floor and have spent a few hours learning how to put admissions in the MDS program and then the assessments. Mind you what I knew about the MDS when hired for this job was what their intent was for, I had read them and that was pretty much it. So, I can learn this...eventually.

    Anyway, my nurse manager told me to imput the admissions from Friday and then play around with it this weekend. I currently work 8 hours on the floor and 2 on the MDS position. Eventually I was told I will work one out of my 4 10 hours doing MDS. So, I put in the admission information and print off the what I needed for the 5 day assessments to be completed Friday without a problem. I then do the 2 admits from today, figuring self initiative woud work in my favor. After I printed them off I noticed on one I had put down the admission date as the ending assessment date. Of course I have know idea if I can correct this or not. This is my immediate concern. If not, how would I go about adjusting/fixing this?? I don't want to hide this screw up. I just want to take responsiblity for what I did screw up. No one on this weekend works with the program and I don't want to advertise my error until I talk to someone that can correctly point me in the right direction. This may not happen until Tuesday with the holiday, and the MDS can't sit on my office desk where it is now when it needs to be completed for the 5 day assessment.

    I am sure this has happened before, but I am feeling like an idiot at the moment. Not so much for making a mistake, but making on and not knowing how badly this will effect things or how my nurse manager will react (she is very good so far).

    I'd appreciate any advice.

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  3. by   Youda
    There are different computer programs that different places use for their MDS computer input. So, I'd have no idea how to fix this error in your program, not knowing what program you're using.

    You also didn't say whether or not the error was already transmitted. That makes a little difference. If you haven't transmitted it yet, then it can be fixed. Just ask your trainer how on Tuesday.

    If it was already transmitted, don't sweat the small stuff. There's another special transmittal that you send when you mess up. No one likes to send the correction, but it happens often enough that there's no need to worry about it.

    As for the 5 days, don't worry about that, either. There are grace periods for every one of them. If you get it corrected by next Friday, you'll probably still be within your grace period, and no penalties.

    If you have the error, but have not yet transmitted, I'd wait to fix the correction on Tuesday with some help instead of needing to send the correction report.

    Relax. You can do those MDS's for years and still learn new stuff about them, and make boo-boos. You're doing fine. There's a lot to learn with those things!

    By the way, I suspect your NM told you to play around with it over the weekend because she knew she could fix anything you messed up before it was actually transmitted!

    Good luck!
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  4. by   Talino
    Correct... not every program is exactly the same. However, all programs adhere to the specs designated by CMS.

    Not to worry...

    Go back to that particular MDS assm't and check its status. Most likely it's "Edit Ready" or some other lingo. Simply make the change and save it.

    If it prevents you from making the change, most likely the assm't is locked and the entries cannot be changed (but I kinda doubt it's locked since an assessment cannot be locked until it's totally complete and all the dates matched). If this is the case anyhow, delete this assm't instead (or make a copy) and re-enter the entire data again.

    However, I won't recommend entering an MDS assm't until it's actually complete or can be completed within 48 hrs. Most programs are time sensitive. That means, once you enter an Observation date, you are given a timeframe to edit it, lock, and transmit.

    Good luck!
  5. by   lisamcrn
    Thanks for your help. I guess I'm not even sure which program we have. My manual states Briggs 2.0, plus I know there was just an update made to emlinate the areas we are no longer required to fill out and transmit. This is not locked or transmitted, because I just imputed the basically info for the face sheet. Now at least I can tell her about it without fear that I totally messed it up. Something to learn tomorrow.

  6. by   tex
    There should be a task bar, under assessments, where you put your MDS info in, under that mine states utilities. A list of what I need to do is listed. If the date is incorrect on my assessment period or if someone leaves prior to the anticipated dates or dies, there is a tab I can hit to either delete or change MDS dates or change the reason for the assessment. All programs are diffirent but they all have to follow CMS guidelines. Hope this helps. Tex