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Georgia Perimeter College (GPC) current or upcoming students

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Knittingmonster or any other current GPC students: Can you please tell us if the uniforms run large, small, or just as the measurements describe? When I look at the uniform catalog thing online it said I would be an extra small, but I am normally a medium or a large in everything so I was a little concerned.

Cloggersmom: I know you were asking someone else, but I hoped to buy my books/uniform, but found out that financial aid won't be available until after this semester is over in December. Not sure if that is something to be considered for any other students. Has everyone turned in their BLS card and health forms?

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I sent in my BLS and med. certification last week. I saw that my status changed from pre-nursing to nursing so I am assuming that means they have it. I have found two books on Ebay so I ordered them. I am trying to avoid paying the high prices at the bookstore. I'm wondering from current/previous students if you keep your books after you complete the semester?

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