Who wants to go to Emory? Summer 2013 ABSN/MSN - page 7

To anyone else who put in an application to Emory this fall and is anxiously awaiting news from the office of admissions: let's wait together! Only about 8 weeks until this seemingly impossible wait... Read More

  1. by   T-Dasha
    Hey...I didn't apply for the Fuld but I asked one of my friends who did. She said eventually they did receive notification that they had not been awarded the scholarship. However, by the time they received the notification it was like a few weeks before school so she basically already knew that she hadn't gotten it at that point.
  2. by   HealthEnthusiast
    Ok, thanks for asking around for us!
  3. by   lifeismuzik
    I still have no word on financial aid.

    This is kind of nuts. The deposit was due over a week ago and soon deposits will be due at other schools. I have taken a leap of faith to trust Emory with granting good aid and submitted the deposit, but soon I will have to make a deposit elsewhere as well.

    Has anyone heard anything about aid?

    And t-daha: did you move to Atlanta from elsewhere? Or, are you from ATL?
  4. by   meep05
    All I have heard was that I wasn't chosen for the Fuld fellowship and that my package should be ready next week. If you call financial aid they can tell you if your application is under review. Emory has been awful with financial aid and I heard they only give a couple grand a semester for the nursing grants, but I guess we will just wait an see!!
  5. by   lifeismuzik
    Oh really? I heard at the info session that Nobody in the previous year turned down Emory for financial reasons. I will definitely post my financial status and info for future generations of NP prospectives on here to see.
  6. by   T-Dasha
    I'm originally from Louisiana....but I had already been living in ATL for 3 years when I started the program. So I've been here for almost 5 years now.
  7. by   meep05
    Just got my summer financial aid and all they gave me was 2k and my federal loans don't even cover my summer tuition
  8. by   prenursing15
    Hi guys, are there any current students at Emory's ABSN/MSN program who would be willing to answer some of my questions? I was accepted for the program this year and don't know too much about it. Thanks!
  9. by   hopefulFNP2017
    Hello, just wondering if people are still active on here? Since you all started in 2013, I'm guessing some or most of you are graduated and out in the workforce by now? Just wondering how it has been for you since graduation and if it's been OK finding employment with your ABSN + MSN degree? Any words of wisdom?