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To anyone else who put in an application to Emory this fall and is anxiously awaiting news from the office of admissions: let's wait together! Only about 8 weeks until this seemingly impossible wait... Read More

  1. by   Terriblysns
    Quote from Terriblysns
    On a positive side I do hope you are correct, however, someone previously posted that last year's cutoff was 3.90...Therefore, I was just wondering what this year's applicant pool would be hence my interest in the people, like myself, who did apply this year.
    ......if you were referring to the person asking that we post our stats, my apologies for the misunderstanding....
  2. by   meep05
    I am bummed I wasn't able to go today. Can someone find out how many clinical hours you get in the BSN portion as well as the MSN portion? Also, can you guys find out if a lot of people work as an RN during the MSN portion. Thanks! and I hope you guys have a good time!
  3. by   FingersCross'd
    Hey yall!! Did anyone go to the Accepted Students day and want to give us details?
  4. by   SMB13
    Hi- I went to the accepted students day... There were about 45 students there, ranging from early twenties to 40's ? maybe? Mostly women and about 5-7 men. There was a current students panel Q & A as well as a tour of the school of nursing. I'd say it was mostly helpful just to visit because I'm from CA and have never been to Atlanta before. Overall, the faculty and students made it seem like they genuinely want you to succeed and it didn't seem cutthroat or competitive among the students. Despite the school saying you can't work during the absn program, the current students said it was possible and some even have federal work study which allows them to conveniently work on campus. The school said they would try to place you within the school of nursing as well if awarded work study. The students suggested not working during the first summer quarter because it it so front loaded with course work, and to just adjust to the demands of the program. After that, many people work about 10 hrs/ week and a lot babysit. Also, it seems like there is room for maintaining a social life which is quite different from what I hear about other programs. Emory is somewhat isolated on a hill so having a car is a must! Public transportation isn't as convenient, so if you are considering living off campus try to plan by living near a bus line or anticipating a 15-40 min commute by car because Atlanta traffic is pretty bad (a few mile drive can turn into a 30-40 minute trip)I really enjoyed Atlanta and although it's a big city, there are distinct neighborhoods that make it feel like smaller communities. There's also a great food scene and good choice of breweries and imported beers So for those from CA, don't fear! There's some great markets and a variety of cuisines - unfortunately, you may have taqueria withdrawals...Overall, I really liked Emory and ATL. Emory is one of my top choices because of the opportunities available for community and global health, and I like how the program seems more manageable and balanced I regards to school work and personal time.Hope this helps a little!
  5. by   meep05
    Thank you for all the info! Do you know how many people total are in the program? Did they talk about the study abroad trip after the bsn portion? Did the students saw why they don't work as nurses during the masters portion? Especially since its seems that you have some free time. Did they talk about financial aid and if a lot of people received it? Thanks !
  6. by   sjames99
    Meep05- they said last year's class was about 35 students I believe, and this year they accepted around 40. They did talk about the study abroad- you can go to Jamaica, the Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic (although most students who go here are fluent in Spanish), West Virginia, and then there are some who stay and do work in Atlanta (if you have a family or are not able to go abroad for some reason). The program is part of a class, is 2 weeks long, and you get credit for it. They said this experience, no matter where you go, is super neat and one of the best parts of the program. It also is completely paid for- one student said she had to buy some food while she was in the Bahamas but that was it. Does anyone remember what they said about getting your top choice of place to go? I can't remember if they said everyone usually gets their number one place or not. But either way it sounds like an amazing experience. I don't remember anyone saying anything about why they do not work as an RN during the NP portion- maybe someone else can chime in on this?As for financial aid, one student I talked to says that no one didn't choose to go there because they couldn't afford it. She said that everyone who needs financial aid got it, and Emory really works at helping you out. Which was very comforting to hear! Hopefully it will be the same with our class.Overall the Accepted Students Day really showed me how genuine the faculty is and how much they really want us to attend and succeed. Another thing that really stood out to me was how close last year's ABSN class was and how much they helped each other during the super intense parts of the program which I thought was cool. Everyone was so nice and knowledgable- it made me positive that choosing Emory would definitely not be a regrettable choice!
  7. by   HealthEnthusiast
    Thanks to you both for all of the information! I would have really liked to go but couldn't for family health reasons. I have decided to go to Emory unless I absolutely can't afford it. Your comments about financial aid offer some comfort.

    TerriblySNS, I applied to both the Woodruff scholarship and Fuld fellowship. Like lifeismuzic was saying, the Woodruff application indicated that the minimum GPA was 3.5 and GRE was something like 310, so high stats may not be that important for it. I imagine that the essays and interviews carry a lot of weight though. I think a high GPA is more important for those merit scholarships that don't require an additional application or interview.

    kdiem, I'm going into the midwifery program too!
  8. by   Terriblysns
    Thanks HealthEnthusiast!
  9. by   meep05
    Thank you so much for all of the info! I am 90% sure I will be attending Emory and this just made me so happy to hear!
  10. by   lifeismuzik
    Is anyone conflicted about Emory vs Columbia? Or, has anyone made the choice?If so, PM me
  11. by   sjames99
    Lifeismuzik- yes I currently am in the same boat! I can't PM you since I don't have enough posts but if you want to email me at sjames@sandiego.edu I would love to chat and go through the process together!
  12. by   marmaduke
    Does anyone know if we have to stick with the master's specialty we applied to when we start the program? I applied for the FNP program but I was very torn between that and midwifery so I was just wondering if once I start the program, if I liked OB/L&D more, if it would be possible to switch? Not sure if anyone has heard anything about this. Seeing as I think the ABSN portion is the same regardless of master's specialty?
  13. by   lifeismuzik
    Generally yes but switching into midwifery may be the exception.I would double check