what happened to the new Emory students?

  1. For weeks there was all sorts of lively banter between a group of you that were starting Emory's BSN program....now that school has started not a peep from any of you. I'm just wondering how you guys are doing and how you like it so far. I know that the first few weeks are overwhelming, though.

    ps. does that one professor still do his fishbowl thing in Pharm?
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  3. by   kattunge
    I'm still here! We all got to meet one another and I think we're just trying to keep our heads above water at the moment. You're right, the first couple of weeks are very overwhelming, but it feels, for me at least, that things are starting to level out. I don't think I feel as anxious as I did a week ago.

    And yes, that professor still does fishbowl. I'm actually really excited about that!
  4. by   mtnmom
    OK, glad to hear you guys are doing well. hang in there. pm me if I can ever be of help, although I'm sure a lot has changed subce 2000.
  5. by   YUPPIE2009
    I'm headed to Emory in the Fall of 2007, but I have only found 1 other person who is headed there in the fall. I really can't figure out a good way for all of us to get connected.
  6. by   kattunge
    I'm still here...lurking more than anything. ;-) Halfway through the second semester and gearing up for the scary Med-Surg midterm! Doing well so far though.
  7. by   YUPPIE2009
    Yessss!!!! A 2nd Emory student :hatparty: