West Ga Technical College LPN Fall 2012

  1. Hello,
    I am currently a student at WGTC. I will be applying to the LPN program this Fall 2012. I have completed my pre-req's and PSB test. Of course, I am very nervous and anxious to get accepted. I am constantly worrying about did I score good enough, are my grades good enough, can I do this. Here to discover and share experiences along the way.
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  3. by   prettymica
    Good Luck! My sister graduated from there last year. She said the program is hard but she learned alot!
  4. by   ms.celeste
    good luck go you!!I also attend west Ga tech and praying to get accepted into the LPN! program this fall
  5. by   HoneyLPNurse
    Good luck to you also! I am so nervous. I am going to retake my PSB, I just hope I score good enough. I hope we both get in.
  6. by   HoneyLPNurse
    Have you heard anything yet? I'm still waiting.