West Ga Tech ASN Spring 2018 - page 4

Greetings Everyone, I am applying to the ASN program for the deadline of Septemeber 1,2017 and wanted to meet other people applying to the program. Anyone else applying to the program? and if so,... Read More

  1. by   shaneybaby
    Hi guys, I'll be applying for Spring 2019. I'm worried about my TEAS score, I only got 76 and my GPA is 4. Has anyone you know was able to get in with this stat?
  2. by   hirschi12
    Hey! I'm applying Spring of 2019 as well. My GPA is a 3.8 and I made an 80 on the TEAS. I plan to take the TEAS again before applying though. From what I can tell, 80ish is around what most people who get in have scored and the girl earlier in this thread had a 3.2 GPA and got accepted! So I think you don't have anything to worry about! You have your CNA, correct?
  3. by   shaneybaby
    Hi @hirschi12

    Yes, I have my CNA not from WGTC though.
  4. by   hirschi12
    Hey! Im applying for Spring 2019 too! I've been searching for other people applying but so far have only found 1 other person!
  5. by   shaneybaby
    I am too, I guess nobody posted new updates yet. I submitted mine just recently and just waiting for reply.