Wellstar Nurse Residency Spring 2012

  1. Hello all! I applied for the Spring 2012 nurse residency for Wellstar (all locations that were listed) and I was interested to know who else applied. I thought that the application would be available until the end of January but it looks as though they have taken it down already. If anyone else on the forum has been accepted to the residency program in past years, any insight that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Happy New Year to all!
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  3. by   GaMommy81
    Has anyone applied for the residency?
  4. by   mjones0001
    I applied for it, but have not heard anything from them yet : (
  5. by   GaMommy81
    I have not heard anything yet either. The posting closes at the end of this month so maybe we will hear something soon after it closes. :spin:
  6. by   Nurse2b7337
    Once you guys hear from them can you let us know how it's going? Thx!
  7. by   mjones0001
    Will do! @GaMommy81...did you go to school in this area? Have any of your classmates gotten jobs? I feel like I have applied EVERYWHERE and have not gotten a single call, email, etc. I'm really hoping to get in with Wellstar, but we'll see...keeping my fingers crossed!
  8. by   GaMommy81
    I am a student at Gordon College scheduled to graduate in May. I don't know where any of my classmates are applying, but more than likely they will be applying to the places where we have completed clinicals like Henry Medical, MCCG, Southern Regional etc. I hope we hear something soon after the application closes.
  9. by   GaMommy81
    Just got a rejection email from Wellstar. Oh well. On to the next one.
  10. by   gReeNTwin1
    GaMommy81, I just applied to Gordon's nursing program for Fall 2012. About how many people do they accept per semester?
  11. by   court2012
    Hello everyone!! I just applied for the wellstar kennestone fall nurse residency and interviewed!! *crossing my fingers* Did anyone else interview at wellstar kennestone yet?
  12. by   CAllen44
    I interviewed last week. What area did you interview for?
  13. by   Nurse2b7337
    GaMommy how are the classes and teachers at Gordon College??
  14. by   court2012
    @letsgomets31 I interviewed for critical care. I start in August !