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Hi, I was hoping to see if there was anyone here who isapplying to UWG for 2013? I have just submitted my application. What do youthink of their new requirements?... Read More

  1. by   tiahlee29
    @nclarel, I have applied to UWG as well and I will be attending the CNA training over at Covenant CNA school. The cost is $600 and it is an accredited program. Here is the website They are a really easy program and their pass rate is 100%.
  2. by   tiahlee29
    @AshBrock1091 I have applied to UWG nursing program as well and from reading your comments, I believe u and I are kinda in the same boat with our grades and classes. I attend Atlanta Metropolitan State College and this is my last semester as well. I hope all that applied get into the program! It is very stressful and the suspense is killing us all. Doesn't matter which program Carrollton or Newnan. I just want to get in! All positive thoughts my way!! I also applied to Georgia Southwestern State University and got accepted to the university, to take the pre-reqs for their nursing program which are NURS 2600,2700 and 3005. So I have a back up plan just in case! BUT UWG is my 1st CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   TheNoviceNurse16
    Tiahlee29 hi! And you are attending covenant CNA school? Are you starting tomorrow for the weekend classes? And yes west ga is definitely my 1st choice! But I also applied to university of north georgia... I hope we both get in! I also don't care which campus... I'm just ready to get the ball rolling!
  4. by   tiahlee29
    I will be starting the CNA class on March 5th. Let me know how the classes are. Im praying for us both!!!
  5. by   clarens
    But covenant make you pay everything else. therefore, it is going to be more than 600. Then, Why you say that school is easy.
  6. by   tiahlee29
    @clarens I recieved an email from the director over at covenant and spoke with him as well about how much it costs and ALL the details for registering for the CNA classes, also I had 2 friends finish the program and its a STRAIGHT $600 dollars. That I know for sure! I say it will be easy because that is what my friends told me and I am a Medical Assistant by trade so it will just be a review for me.
  7. by   clarens
    ok. i got this school on my mind. see you there....
  8. by   TheNoviceNurse16
    Well I'm at Covenant now... And we had to pay $25 for a book (you can rent one for free but I chose to buy mine), and $15 for an extra uniform (optional). Also the state board is NOT included in the $600... It's a extra $100 or so for that.
  9. by   tiahlee29
    OK! @AshBrock1091 thank you for telling me that. So how are the classes going? Do you like it so far?
  10. by   tiahlee29
    @clarens, ok great! So will you be starting the March 5th class as well? I will be doing the night classes 5pm to 10pm....
  11. by   TheNoviceNurse16
    Quote from tiahlee29
    OK! @AshBrock1091 thank you for telling me that. So how are the classes going? Do you like it so far?
    Yes I'm loving it so far! The teacher is great and really has a passion for nursing, so it's really easy to grasp the concepts... Some things are surprisingly complicated (just a tad, nothing to serious) but she's helpful in helping you understand the skills. The only thing is getting up early lol, I'm there from 8am to 3 Saturday and Sunday... And I'm still a full time student during the week... But she's an awesome teacher which makes it so much easier. Idk if you'll have who I have if you're taking weekday because she's a weekend instructor.
  12. by   tiahlee29
    @AshBrock1091 I will be starting the March 5th class. I will be doing the night classes 5pm to 10pm....
    Any mail from UWG Nursing program for the writing session?
  13. by   clarens
    No. i just registered for the CNA program at progressive training center. starting on Feb,25...