Trying to Learn How To Network/Looking for Direction

  1. I was wondering what someone could tell me about these agencies and places of employment for LPN'S in ATL: Place med Recruiting, Nagle and associates, Mary Kay Associates Medical-Dental Staffing, Lenbrook Square, GA Medical Ctr, and Emory John's Creek Hospital.

    I was supposed to move earlier this year; things happened and I didn't, but now I will be leaving on a 30 day job search in February and would like a heads up. I am mainly interested in trying corrections, substance abuse, community/public health (esp. teenage girls/mothers), er, long-term acute care, and long-term care in that order. Im just trying to break the norm of LPN'S working in nursing homes. Im looking for a different kind of experience but, if I have to, I will accept a ltc position.

    Im trying to learn how to network. Can someone help?

    Thanx in advance to all that respond. Any response is better than none as long as it's positive, motivating, and leads me to the path of successful employment.
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