School info?

  1. What can anyone tell me about any of the nursing programs around Atlanta? Requirements? Waiting list? GPA?

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  3. by   JB13
    The programs here are extremely competitive! If you plan on trying to get in my advice is to do as well as you can in pre-reqs and study a lot for your TEAS. As for requirements, they are all slightly different but it can all be found on their respected web sites.

    Are you interested in BSN or ASN?
  4. by   StL_Momma27
    Sorry I was so vague in my original post. Ok, here is my dilemma:

    I live in St. Louis at the moment and am on the waiting list at one of the local schools. Here in St. Louis for the most part, you simply meet the requirements for the school and then you go on a waiting list until you finally get in, that's all there is to it. There is no competition or merit based acceptance, they go by the order in which you applied. My husband and I might be moving back to the Atlanta area (from there originally) so I need to look into the programs there. From what I gather, getting in to almost any school there is extremely competitive. I am mainly interested in an ASN program right now and then my BSN in the future but, I am not opposed to going for by BSN right now.

    I hate to leave Missouri knowing I have a sure thing here and then not be able to get into any program in Georgia. I have all of my pre-reqs done for an ASN and a 3.0 GPA. If that isn't competitive enough to get into a Georgia program then I think I will stay put. We would be relocating to the Kennesaw area BTW.
  5. by   JB13
    I had no idea that is how it worked in Missouri. I recently re-united with my dad who lives up there just outside of St. Louis! (I know that is totally off subject lol)

    As for your numbers I cannot tell you that it won't get you in but I can tell you that I am in my third round of applications and I have an overall GPA of 3.6 and a 82% on my TEAS (the entrance exam required here) and I have yet to be accepted to any of the major programs. Just food for thought!

    Do you know how long the wait list up there is? How long your "wait" might be?
  6. by   StL_Momma27
    Third round of applications? Can you clarify? Do you mind me asking what schools you have applied at? I am looking into the ASN programs at Chattahoochee Tech and GA Highlands. BSN, I am thinking about Chamberlain because it kind of deters people due to the cost of the program. The wait list here is 1.5-2 year wait. I applied Dec 2011 and have not been accepted, right now I am number 77...they accept 40 a semester.
  7. by   JB13
    Third round I mean I have applied in Dec. 2011 to one school Georgia Health Sciences BSN (Now Georgia Reagents). Then in 2012 I applied to Georgia States BSN program for Spring 2013, and now I have applied to Kennesaw state BSN ( I already heard that I didn't get accepted), Georgia States BSN, Georgia Reagents BSN, and Gwinnett Techs ASN.

    If you are #77 and they take 40 a semster, do they take in spring and fall? If so, that only puts you out two classes.