RN New Grad looking for work in Atlanta please help!!!

  1. Hi everbody I am a new grad looking for work in the atlanta area. Can anyone offer any advice or help. I have an adn, bcls, acls, and am currently enrolled to get my Bsn to be conferred by July. Any help would be appreciated God Bless!!
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  3. by   SpecialKRN
    Try all hospitals pretty much. Most of them have already accepted a lot of new grads due to school ending. Atlanta Medical Center, South Fulton Medical Center, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Northside Hospital, Dekalb Medical Center, Grady Memorial Hospital. All of these hospitals are from what I know more likely to hire new grads right now. Emory University Hospital , Piedmont Hospital are often more difficult to get into but usually if you know someone you can get in. Check their sites everyday. One hospital I applied to posted a psotion in the morning and took it down by the evening, it isn't usually that extreme but they do come down fast. Good Luck!
  4. by   kjack0799
    Hey I have applied everywhere but I keep getting rejections. They all say they are not hiring new grads!!
  5. by   CuriousGreorge7
    go to your local unemplyment office and if you dont no where it is look it up there swamped with facilities looking for RNs, LPNs, and CNAs forreal you should check into it i see it all the time and i hope this advice helped cya God bless
  6. by   kjack0799
    Thanks I never thought that!!
  7. by   rojahs3
    Have you tried Wellstar and Floyd Hospital? last time I check the website they were hiring for new grads.
  8. by   FA2Nurse